Murder is No Accident

Howdy, Folks!
I have spent every spare second since I last posted reading “The Hidden Springs Mysteries.” This is because I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of “Murder is No Accident” by A. H. Gabhart through a partnership with Revell publishing and Netgalley. The book is the third installment in the series and the latest release for Gabhart, who also writes under the name Ann H. Gabhart. If you are a fan of the cozy Christian whodunit, clear your calendar, because you won’t be able to do anything else until you’ve finished this tale. Note that though all these books share a location and characters, they each can be enjoyed as a standalone without difficulty.
That said, this volume begins when teenager Maggie Greene is looking for a place where she can daydream and write her stories in peace. Unfortunately, she sneaks into the tower room in a mansion in small town Hidden Springs, Kentucky. Shortly after she arrives, she hears raised voices and the local realtor tumbles down the staircase to her death. Not wanting to get caught trespassing, she uses the victim’s cell phone to report the incident anonymously to the police and runs away. However, in dodging one problem, she creates a whole host of others. She didn’t escape unnoticed, and whoever saw her wants to make sure she stays silent. Her only choice is to contact law enforcement. Deputy Sheriff Michael Keane starts investigating what looks like a routine accident, but then someone else dies in the house. This time it’s clearly murder. Can Michael connect the events and track down the perpetrator before someone else gets hurt?
The target audience for this story is age twelve years old and up. There is no objectionable content in this volume, and wonderful Christian truth is woven seamlessly into the pages, but sensitive youngsters may be impacted by the violence portrayed in the genre. I highly recommend this series to people who like Irene Hannon and Nancy Mehl. My rating is five out of five stars. For those who are interested in the complete experience, the publication order is as follows:
Murder at the Courthouse (Hidden Springs Mystery #1)
Murder Comes by Mail (Hidden Springs Mystery #2)
Murder is No Accident (Hidden Springs Mystery #3)
All these adventures are available now, so look for them at your favorite retailer. Until we meet again…
Happy Reading,


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