After The Storm

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If you are a fan of edgy suspense, I encourage you to check out Linda Castillo’s Kate Buckholder series. St. Martin’s Press gifted me with a complimentary copy of the latest release, “After The Storm,” in exchange for a review, which will always contain my honest opinion, so here we go:

A tornado rips through Painters Miller, Ohio, uncovering remains long buried in an Amish barn. As Kate sets out to identify the bones, it becomes clear that the death was anything but accidental. She  begins to wonder if she should be looking for the killer in the Plain community she grew up in. Will 30 years of secrets be her undoing? Complications in her personal life add another layer of depth to the story. Is she capable of focusing, or will the distractions give the perpetrator the advantage he needs to silence her permanently?

If you haven’t experienced Ms. Castillo’s work before,  my suggestion is to start at the beginning. The order is as follows:
Sworn to Silence (Kate Burkholder #1)
Pray for Silence (Kate Burkholder #2)
Breaking Silence (Kate Burkholder #3)
Gone Missing (Kate Burkholder #4)
Long Lost (Kate Burkholder #4.5)
Her Last Breath (Kate Burkholder #5)
The Dead Will Tell (Kate Burkholder #6)
A Hidden Secret (Kate Burkholder #6.5)
After The Storm (Kate Burkholder #7)

I would recommend this novel to people who love mainstream mystery authors like J. A. Jance and  Sara Paretsky. It is important to note that, although this tale contains elements of Amish culture, it is NOT a cozy mystery and includes some very salty language, and scenes involving explicit violence. The intended audience is those sixteen years and older. That said, this is a riveting book, so my rating is five out of five stars. Go find the series, because all the volumes are available now.  Until we meet again…
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