“Dressed To Kill”

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Sorry for the long delay in posting, but I have had some health concerns that have kept me occupied for quite a while. The score is now Jesus and me: One, Kidney stones: Zero. I am back, so let’s get to the task at hand. I was given a complimentary copy of Lynn Cahoon’s “Dressed To Kill” through Netgalley’s partnership with Kensington Publishing Company. My end of the deal is to spread my totally honest review around. That’s why you are seeing this right now.

  Jill Gardener,  the amateur gumshoe who owns Coffee, Books, and More, is looking forward to spending some time with her boyfriend,  police detective Greg King. What could be more fun than acting in a murder mystery dinner play to benefit a local charity?  Everyone’s amusement is short lived, however, when an actual dead body is found at the theater. The town banker has been killed, and Greg’s ex-wife is the prime suspect, but she is far from the only one. Can Jill help Greg solve this puzzle before the person responsible comes after someone close to her?

I would recommend this novel to people who love mainstream cozy mystery authors like Mary Daheim or Carolyn Hart. There are a few curse words here and there, but the violence is minimal, so those of you who don’t like blood and gore should be okay. This series is, in my judgment, appropriate for people thirteen years and older. This book can technically be enjoyed by itself, but I always have more connection with the characters when I read a series in order. The chronology for this one is as follows:
“Guidebook To Murder” (A Tourist Trap Mystery #1)
“Mission To Murder” (A Tourist Trap Mystery #2)
“If the Shoe Kills” (A Tourist Trap Mystery #3)
“Dressed To Kill” (A Tourist Trap Mystery # 4)
My rating is five out of five stars for this title. I found the whole group to be charming, and I can’t wait to critique the next installment, which is due out next month. The volumes mentioned are available now, though, so investigate them right away! Until we meet again…
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3 responses to ““Dressed To Kill”

  1. Thanks for choosing Dressed to Kill to review.

  2. If you like it, that’s a good recommendation. Aside from the fact I’ve read a few and enjoyed them, too. Glad your nasty old kidney stones are gone…horrible things and they hurt!!!!! Drink lots of water and if your stones are calcium based, monitor your calcium intake…including cole crops like broccoli and cauliflower, cabbage….I am not a licensed medical professional and am not giving medical advice. However, I kept my late husband from needing his kidney transplant for 30+ yrs! Sometimes he pouted b/c I wouldn’t let him have as much cabbage etc. as he wanted 😉

  3. Sounds like an awesome book…Great review Carolyn

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