Love Unexpected

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Are you intrigued by lighthouses? Do you like Christian historical romance that is passionate enough  that it quickens your pulse, but lacking any of the explicit content that would prevent you from lending it to your favorite teenage girl? Jody Hedlund’s latest should please all those  mentioned above. I received “Love Unexpected” gratis from Bethany House Publishers through their partnership with The only condition being that I impart the truth about this volume as I see it with everyone who views this post.  This novel is book one in the “Beacons of Hope” series.

The story begins with Emma Chambers facing a major dilemma. When the ship she and her brother, Ryan, are traveling on sinks, she finds herself stranded on Presque Isle port. Ryan can easily secure housing and employment, but there are no prospects for either in the area for respectable woman like Emma. The local preacher has an idea, though. The town’s lighthouses keeper has recently lost his wife, and can’t possibly take care of his two year old son and run his business at the same time. If they married, they could solve both problems simultaneously. Seeing no other choice, our heroine reluctantly agrees to a union of convenience. The little boy instantly melts her heart, and there’s an immediate undercurrent of undeniable attraction between the newlyweds. Emma begins to wonder if this unconventional situation is God’s way of fulfilling her all of her heart’s desires. Shortly after the ceremony, rumors of her spouse’s violent past circulate. Should she honor her vow to a total stranger, or get out while she can?

If you favor Julie Lessman, Karen Witemeyer, Julie Klassen,  and Janette Oke, you will want to place “Unexpected Love” on your “To Read” pile right now. I would also encourage you to pick up the FREE ebook prequel “Out of the Storm” in whatever format is compatible with your device.  This title is perfect for sharing with general audiences, and includes subtle essential biblical lessons. While the substance is worry free, those twelve years and older will gain the most insight. My rating is five out of five stars. This one is available now, wherever Christian fiction is on display. It would make a wonderful Christmas treat, so seek it out today. Until we meet again…
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