The Secret of Pembrooke Park

Hey, Folks!

If you prefer your Christian historical romance sprinkled with enough mystery to keep you perched on the edge of your comfy chair, I can point you towards Julie Klassen’s new Bethany House release, “The Secret of Pembrooke Park.” Due to my passion for blogging, the publisher gave me a copy of this novel. The only condition being that I share my gut level reaction with you all in this review. You know I can be counted on to call it like I see it, so here I go.

What is Abigail Foster to do? The dowry she thought she could depend on has vanished due to the charge in circumstances that force her family to sell  their upscale London estate. To make matters worse, the man she always envisioned spending her life with seems to have fallen hopelessly in love with her younger sister. Then, a distant relative sends a lawyer with an interesting proposition: Live in a country village for a year. The catch? The reasonable rent leads them to a crumbling mansion with what appears to be a sinister history.  The dashing eligible parson and his kin seem to know more than they let on, but only warn the Fosters to be cautious of ruthless treasure hunters looking for a hidden room. Will Abigail be able to find the riches everyone is searching for and improve her clan’s dire situation? Is it part of God’s plan for her to find romance that will  last through all time, or will the consequences of the events of long ago return to destroy the future?

This novel is recommended for fans of Julie Lessman, Karen Witemeyer, and Julianna  Deering. It contains the fantastic elements you would expect from an intriguing story as well as a foundation of solid biblical principles that make it suitable for a broad audience. There is no objectionable material to cause concern, but I think that it will find a home with those twelve years and older. My rating is five out of five stars, so look for it today wherever you usually acquire similar volumes. Until we meet again…
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