A Promise to Protect

Hey, Folks!

Need another suggestion for your “To Read” list? You’ve come to the right place! Okay, I know very few people who actually require more titles on that inventory, but a true bookworm can never resist, so here goes my latest opinion:
Very early this morning, I finished Patricia Bradley’s most recent addition to her “Logan Point” series, the follow up to “Shadows of the Past.” I received an advanced digital copy of this novel from the publisher through the “Revell Reads” program. In accordance with their guidelines, I acquired this work free of charge, in exchange for  my legitimate reaction.

In “A Promise to Protect,” Dr. Leigh Summerall’s main objective is to put in enough time at the local hospital to pay off her student loans, so she can leave Logan Point and she and her son can move on to bigger and better places. Life becomes a bit more complicated when she learns that her beloved brother, Tony, has been murdered. To makes matters worse, she discovers that Tony used his last breath to extract a vow from a local lawman to keep her safe. It doesn’t help that the man in question is Acting Sheriff Ben Logan, who also happens to be her old flame. Ben is determined to fulfill his obligation. Tony died on his watch, and now it appears that the villain who killed her sibling is now chasing the attractive single mother. However, Leigh is more concerned with keeping her heart, and her secrets, hidden. Can she find a way to trust Ben with both, or will her defenses put everyone she cares about at risk?

If Christian romantic suspense is your favorite genre, but you’ve digested every word written by Irene Hannon, Lisa Harris, Sandra Orchard, and Lynette Eason, fear not! Patricia Bradley is another author who can be can be counted on to deliver the plot twists you crave, while teaching about vital aspects of our faith. No questionable content exists in the story, so everyone can be exposed, but I think that those twelve years and older will gain the most from it. This installment can be read without the benefit of Ms. Bradley’s debut effort, but, having now read and opined on both, I can say they compliment each other, and minor characters do overlap. My rating is five out of five stars, so seek this series out the next time you have a free moment. Until we meet again…
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2 responses to “A Promise to Protect

  1. Another amazing review Carolyn, another book to add to my TBR list… Thank you
    In Christ’s Love

  2. Oh, Carolyn, your review lifted my spirits so much! Thank you. And I’m so glad you “got” A Promise to Protect.

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