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The latest literary masterpiece to cross my desk is Irene Hannon’s newest blockbuster, “Deceived.” This is the final installment in the “Private Justice” trilogy. Preceding titles in the series include book one, “Vanished,” and book two, “Trapped,” which have each been discussed in earlier write ups on this site. I acquired the conclusion through “Revell Reads, ” a program that gives fortunate bloggers like myself an early opportunity to peruse popular novels free of charge from the publisher in exchange for my upfront opinion.

In the beginning of this narrative, we meet Kate Marshall, a counselor, who is finally  winning the battle over the grief caused by the accidental death of her husband and young son in a boating accident three years earlier. On a visit to the local mall, however, she is stunned to encounter a little man who is the spitting image of the boy she lost. A body was never found. Is it possible he survived? Dismissed by every authority she approaches, the young mother’s strong convictions cause her to seek out the expertise of former Secret Service Agent turned Private Investigator Connor Sullivan. While her suspicions are bit out there, something in her manner convinces him to pursue the matter, and before long, they are both thinking this incident looks less like a mishap and more like murder. Will Kate be able to finally achieve the impossible dream of holding her offspring in her arms once again? Is the attraction sizzling between Connor and Kate merely a result of the emotionally charged situation, or is it a more permanent part of God’s plan?

Fans of Ms. Hannon,  rejoice! She has once again created an adventure worthy of the sleepless night that can still be shared unreservedly with everyone, both young and old. There is no objectionable material, and the Christian faith content is profound, but understated, so it does not overpower either the reader or the storyline. Audience members twelve years and older will be enthralled. This tale can be appreciated by itself, but I encourage you all to start at the beginning, in the order outlined above. You won’t regret it! I recommend this whole series to anyone who compulsively digests the fiction of Lynette Eason, Lisa Harris, and Terri Blackstock. My rating is five out of five stars, and all the volumes are available right now, wherever you usually indulge your passion for literary shopping. I suggest you carve out a substantial chunk of your weekend schedule to get lost in this piece. Until we meet again…
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  1. Awesome review Carolyn going to be delving into this book shortly myself

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