Nowhere to Turn

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I just finished Lynette Eason’s latest novel “Nowhere to Turn, ” which is the second book in her “Hidden Identify” series, after “No One to Trust.” This title was given to me free of charge by the publisher through the “Revell Reads” program. My end of the bargain is to write an honest review for everyone to see.

This Christian romantic suspense tale centers around Danielle Harding and her eleven year old son, Simon. Dani thought she’d conquered a challenge when she fled her abusive husband, Kurt, and felt an odd sense of relief when their tormentor is killed the same day. Just as their new life begins, however, she finds that the terror isn’t over. It seems her spouse made at least one powerful enemy by taking something that they want back. They have deduced that Dani has the item and will stop at nothing to retrieve it. What is it? Who’s after her? Unwilling to put her confidence in Kurt’s  law enforcement colleagues, she seeks out the protectors of Operation Refuge. Immediately drawn to handsome former U.S. Marshal Adam Buchanan, uncertainty overwhelms her. The single mother made a big mistake once. Will it be any different this time? Can Adam overcome the guilt from his past to keep her safe?

If you like your reading experience to be an intense thrill ride that includes a heavy dose relationship tension, you should definitely get this one.  The solid but subtle lessons of Christian faith allow for no objectionable content, making it suitable for anyone who wants to listen. However, it will probably best entertain people twelve years and older. I recommend this volume for individuals who appreciate the writing of Lisa Harris, Irene Hannon, Sandra Orchard, and Patricia Bradley. It is not strictly necessary to have indulged in the previous installment, but there are recurring characters and it is an excellent story, so I endorse partaking of them in order. My rating is five out of five stars. This would be a spectacular addition to your list. Until we meet again…
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