Clam Wake

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There have been a few bumps in the road lately, but life has calmed down a bit now, so I’m back. The novel I just finished is “Clam Wake,” by local author Mary Daheim. This mainstream cozy mystery is  number 29 in the popular “Bed and Breakfast series, following 2013’s “Gone with the Win.” I received an early copy of this publication free of charge from the writer herself, with the understanding that I would give everyone who looks at this my honest opinion.

At the beginning of this tale, we find amateur  detective Judith Flynn fighting a severe case of the January Blues, until she and cousin Renie are asked to spend a few days at their Aunt and Uncle’s island house while their relatives are out of town. All that is required of them is to attend a community meeting and cast a by proxy vote. Sounds simple enough, but wherever these two go, can murder and mayhem be far behind? Fans will not be disappointed. All they have to do is set foot on the beach, and they practically trip over the body of a local man. True to form, the death is ruled a homicide. Can Judith and Renie team up once again to uncover a killer, or will one of them become the next victim?

I am always thrilled to embark on yet another adventure with Ms. Daheim, as the cousins always deliver. This episode is no exception, especially if you like humor mixed in with your who-dunnit. The violence is kept to a minimum for those of you who are squeamish. There are a few swear words sprinkled throughout, but I think it is appropriate for those sixteen and over. Though it technically could be enjoyed on its own, I would encourage people who have yet to explore this delightful series to begin with the first title, ” Just Desserts,” and continue on chronologically from there. I recommend these volumes to anyone who likes Carolyn Hart or others who craft stories in that vein. My rating is five out of five stars, so delve into this one now. Until we meet again…
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