A Bouquet of Love

Hey, Folks!

Do the woes of your week leave you in need of a light hearted chuckle? Janice Thompson’s romantic comedy novels may be just the ticket to snap you out of your funk. I was given her latest, “A Bouquet of Love,” as part of the “Revell Reads” review program. The publisher furnished me with this title in exchange for a post containing my up front opinion and nothing more. This book is the fourth outing in the “Weddings by Design” series.

In this installment, we meet Cassia Pappas, a young with a dream to use floral arrangements to enhance important events in people’s lives. When she moves to Galveston with her large family, it looks like she might finally get a chance. Will her obligation to pitch in at her father’s restaurant rob of her of the opportunity to pursue a position at a flower shop, taking with it her shot at true love? Can our heroine trust God to orchestrate a happily ever after for her like the ones she’s glimpsed in Judy Garland films?

This piece is refreshing change from my usual fare. If you enjoy your heart pounding romance laced with a liberal dash of laughter, you should check this one out. While it has a fanciful feel, this tale contains a subtle foundation of substance seamlessly woven in. You will get a substantial dose of Christian principles, almost without realizing it. I found this story suitable for general audiences, but it will probably appeal most to women twelve years and over. “A Bouquet of Love” can certainly be seen as stand alone entertainment, but if you would like to start at the beginning, the series was released in the following order:
Picture Perfect
The Icing on the Cake
The Dream Dress
A Bouquet of Love
My rating is a hilarious five out of five stars, so feel free to treat yourself today. You can find this work and all of its companions at your favorite retail spot tomorrow, August 19th. I hope to be able to tell you more about this incredible storyline in the future. Until we meet again…
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