In Perfect Time

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Are you enchanted by the cinematic exploits of Jimmy Stewart and all his leading ladies? Do you need a break from all the gloom and doom the 24 hour news cycle of today brings with it? Have I found a series of books for you! I was privileged to get an advance digital copy of Sarah Sundin’s “In Perfect Time,”  which is the last installment in the “Wings of a Nightingale” trilogy. I was given this title as part of the “Revell Reads” review program, with no expectations from the publisher beyond a truthful analysis.

This novel continues the story of a squadron of World War II flight nurses, with the focus of the latest adventure on Lieutenant Kay Jobson. Kay breaks hearts as fast as she fixes up other parts of men’s bodies, but is there pain behind the flirtatious smile? Can a pilot with a past as broken as hers show her true love through Jesus Christ? Or will the cruelties of battle tear her and Roger apart?

I approached this tale with equal measures of anticipation and trepidation. Before embarking on this chapter, I read the previous episodes of this saga, and I worried it wouldn’t do the others justice, but that quibble was unfounded. The narrative remained solid from beginning to end, with equal parts romance and drama.  Christian theology was a subtle yet powerful element , giving people lots to think about long after finishing. The characters felt very real to me and I am a little sad that this is the last outing because I want to know what happens next for them. Realizing that the plot contains events that revolve around life and death struggles, I think the subject matter was handled with great sensitivity, so it is a fun way for those twelve years and over to learn about little known facets of the past. I’m confident that a broad spectrum of individuals will find themselves absorbed in these books, even if they normally gravitate towards other periods in times gone by. While “In Perfect Time” is a treasure in itself, to understand the fullness of the writer’s vision, it is best to enjoy them chronologically, so the order is as follows: “With Every Letter,”  “On Distant Shores,” and “In Perfect Time.” My rating for the end piece is five out of five stars, so go out in search of the complete “Wings of the Nightingale” set today, because they are all available at your favorite literary establishment now. Until we meet again…
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  1. sarahsundin

    Carolyn – thank you so much for the lovely review! I’m glad you enjoyed Kay & Roger’s story!

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