Murder at the Mikado

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Love history, mystery, and romance? You won’t want to miss the book I am blessed to to share with you now. I received the latest title by Deanna Julie Dodson, who writes under the pen name Julianna Deering for this series. Bethany House Publishers gave me this novel with no expectations, except for an honest review.
In “Murder at the Mikado,” Drew and his cohorts find themselves in yet another puzzling predicament. This time, the wife of a business associate is accused of the homicide of a renowned stage actor. Much to Fiancée Madeline’s dismay, the woman is also a former girlfriend of her intended. Can they all work together to decipher which party is actually guilty without putting either their lives or their upcoming wedding in danger?

This series is favorite of mine. I have done write ups on both of the previous volumes, “Rules of Murder,” and “Death by the Book.” The continuation propels  the characters  further on their upward trajectory. There are plenty of surprises sure to satisfy the most jaded bibliophile turned Sherlock Holmes wannabe, with just the right amount of romantic touches. Throw in a dash of atmosphere that includes early thirties theater, and you have a story that fans of Agatha Christie and other classic suspense writers will love. It brings forth important Christian values as well being just plain entertaining, so it will appeal to a broad spectrum of the public. Keeping in mind that it is crime fiction, there is no objectionable content. Those twelve years and over will be the ones to revel in the action. There are enough loose ends for me to hope that there will be more tales to tell in the near future. My rating is five out of five stars, so I encourage you to seek out this author’s work as soon as possible! Until we meet again…
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2 responses to “Murder at the Mikado

  1. Looking forward to reading this one, great review as alwsys…

  2. deannadodson

    Thanks so much for the great review. So glad you liked the book.

    More Drew news coming up very soon. 😀

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