The Revealing

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I approached my latest assignment with a mixture of anticipation and dread. While ecstatic to receive an advance copy of Suzanne Woods Fisher’s latest “The Revealing,” I was also a bit apprehensive about starting it, because I knew this book would bring to an end to  “The Inn at Eagle Hill series, of which I have grown quite fond. I got ahold of this title through the Revell Reads program. The publisher gave me a complimentary edition of this title, in exchange for this review, which contains my candid feelings about the novel.

Picking up this volume is like returning to a community filled with dear friends. I could not wait to see what happens next. We start with a young woman showing up unexpectedly at the Schrock farm, claiming to have scandalous information involving Tobe, the eldest son, who is away serving a federal prison sentence related to his part in the downfall of his late father’s investment company. Naomi King, Tobe’s girlfriend, isn’t sure what to do. Should she follow her head or her heart? Will Jake Hertzler, who many people suspect is the catalyst behind these latest events, ever be found and brought to justice for his past crimes? If not, can Tobe leave it to God, as his newly reclaimed faith teaches? What should they all make of the new guest, who has come to the inn to “reinvent herself?”

First off,  if you have not done so yet, I recommend reading the two previous installments in this series, beginning with “The Letters,” and continuing with “The Calling.” I enjoyed “The Revealing” for many of the same reasons I count its predecessors among my favorites: Compelling, believable characters, solid Christian principles, and a riveting plot. It is suitable for everybody to listen to, but will be most likely be appreciated by those twelve years and over. My one complaint? For a conclusion, it leaves a lot of loose ends. I, for one, would not object to another story to make sure this small town gets the resolution it deserves, and that fans will crave. That said, lovers of the genre should definitely make time for the whole trilogy. My rating is a respectable four and a half out of five stars. Until we meet again…
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2 responses to “The Revealing

  1. Another awesome review…Look forward to reading this one…

  2. Hi Carolyn! Thanks so much for reading my book and for being a part of the tour. You’re right…I did leave a few characters’ situations to be open-ended–mostly the younger ones. I guess it seems as if life just isn’t always that tidy, all wrapped up in a bow. Especially when you’re a teenager! Also…I wanted to pick their story up in the next series. I welcome feedback! Would love to know which characters you want to see more of. Thank you for caring about my books, Carolyn! Warmly, Suzanne

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