Truth Be Told

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If you fancy a heavy dose of suspense mixed in with your Christian historical romance, prepare for a  treat! I received Carol Cox’s “Truth Be Told” from Bethany House Publishers as a result of their partnership with I was gifted this book in exchange for capturing my true feelings in this post. 

1893 in Granite Springs, Arizona may be an unlikely time and place to find a female newspaper editor,  but Amelia Wagner is  determined to carry on her beloved father’s legacy of uncovering the truth about the happenings in the little town. When our brave heroine decides to continue pursuing a story about the area’s biggest employer, is she ready for the fallout? Powerful men caught wind of her dad’s articles, and are now demanding a retraction. However, Amelia feels in her gut that her predecessor was on to something. Can she decipher the enigmatic references left behind in his notes? Should she accept company man Ben Stone’s offer of assistance, or does he have ulterior motives? If they do work together, will they be able to put a stop to events all ready set in motion in time? Or will evil forces blinded by greed put them out of commission forever?

Having not read Ms. Cox’s material before, I was unsure of what I should expect, but was pleasantly surprised. The old west setting of the Arizona territory was an enjoyable and refreshing change, and the characters were fleshed out and extremely real. The subtle touches of Christian faith are vital and make this suitable for general consumption, but it will best comprehended by people twelve years and over. I recommend this to people who are inspired by Janette Oke. All in all, I found this journey to be a rewarding experience, but I had nagging doubt that citizens of the 19th century would be worried about the environmental concerns mentioned.  As a result,  my rating is four and a half out of five stars. This one would make a nice vacation escape, so get it today. Until we meet again…
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  1. Sounds like an awesome book.
    God bless

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