Huckleberry Summer

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I just finished reading “Huckleberry Summer,” which is book two in Jennifer Beckstrand’s “Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill” series. As is often the case on this site, I received a free advance copy of this title from Kensington Publishers through Therefore, I am privileged to share my forthright thoughts with you all.

Like the previous volume, this story takes place in the Amish community of Huckleberry Hill. This time the action revolves around Lilly, who is known as one of the most obedient women in town. Then she takes a job working for Anna and Felty Helmuth. Their grandson, Aden, is Lily’s polar opposite in nearly every way. A passionate conservationist, he refuses to eat meat, and has even been jailed for protesting about environmental causes. The young woman, clearly drawn to this peculiar newcomer, must make a choice between the safety and security of what she is expected to do and the dangerous unknown path she will follow if she listens to her heart. Will she risk losing the approval of her beloved father in order to marry her soulmate?  Can Aden embrace the second chance God has given him and become the man she needs him to be?

This novel has some of the same characters portrayed in the first tale “Huckleberry Hill,” but it is not strictly necessary to have read that one to enjoy this one, even though both are worthy efforts. The piece is appropriate for everyone, but the ideas addressed will probably appeal to people twelve years and over. The engrossing fiction subtly weaves in vital truths about the Christian faith. Fans of Beverley Lewis and Suzanne Woods Fisher will appreciate Beckstrand’s voice. My rating is five out of five stars. Until we meet again…
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