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When I was granted early access to the fourth book in Dani Pettrey’s “Alaskan Courage” series through Bethany House publishers’ partnership with, I decided to start with the previous volumes first. I am glad I did. The entire group is in the “must read now”category for devotees of Christian romantic suspense. Begin with “Submerged,” then “Shattered,” followed by “Stranded,”  which brings me to the most recent release “Silenced.” This is the book I will be opining about today, as it was given to me free of charge, in exchange for an honest appraisal.

“Silenced” focuses on Kayden, a sister in the tight knit McKenna clan, which is the family at the center of this entire saga. The mountain climber’s life is shaken up when she comes face to face with a dead body on a typical expedition. Overwhelmed, the new sheriff enlists the assistance of recently deputized  friend Jake. As he relies on the woman who made the gruesome discovery to help him find out the truth about the incident, Kayden begins to wonder if he is interested in more than her expertise in extreme sports. Much as she would like to deny it, she also feels the pull of the magnetic attraction between them.  When it becomes obvious the death of the man on the cliff was no accident, the pair must race against time to figure out if the crime is tied to recent events. As the violence escalates, more than one person wonders if this situation could be linked to Jake’s recently discovered past. Will he able to deduce the meaning of the clues placed before him before his new love encounters the evil he thought had been taken care of long ago, or are they all destined to experience more heartache?

As I read each successive volume in this series, I was kind of expecting the action to wane, but I have been pleasantly surprised as each story gets better and better.”Silenced” keeps the streak going. Everyone who likes the work of Lynette Eason, Lisa Harris,  and Irene Hannon will be captivated. The wholesome tales are brimming with adventure, intrigue, and romantic tension, but there is nothing unseemly lurking about. Parents will undoubtedly appreciate the Biblical teachings that make it work for everyone, but will be more enlightening for people twelve and above. My rating is five out of five stars, so go out and find yourself copies of all the titles in this series today. I breathlessly anticipate upcoming installments. Until we meet again…
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