When Love Calls

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I wanted to take a moment to tell you about “When Love Calls,” by Lorna Seilstad. This book is the first volume of “The Gregory Sisters” series, and focuses on the first born, Hannah. The heroine is bit unconventional for the Midwest in the 1900s. She loves anything with wings, and is disappointed when she must quit law school to support her two younger siblings in the wake of her parents’ untimely deaths.
Hannah relishes a challenge, so she decides to face one head on, as she begins training to become a “Hello Girl,” one of the first switchboard operators. Her resolve is strengthens when she discovers what she will be paid, despite the inordinate number of inane regulations she must follow. A notorious rule breaker, she is determined to support her family. There is one edict she feels she can adhere to easily: the one about no suitors during the training period. Then she encounters the dashing attorney Lincoln Cole, who represents the bank that is foreclosing on her house. Regardless of the circumstances, Hannah cannot ignore the fluttering of her heart. Can she overcome the independent streak that makes her reluctant to listen to anyone, sometimes even God?

I enjoyed this little peek into an obscure aspect of 20th century American history. Hannah and her sisters are refreshing individuals, and I anticipate the excitement the next novel holds. There is nothing undesirable in this piece, making it accessible to all, but most valued by those twelve years and up. I particularly benefited from the parallels the author drew from the biblical story of Ruth. I believe fans of Julie Lessman will find this to their taste. My rating is five out of five stars. Until we meet again…
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