One More Last Chance

Hey, Folks!

I just finished reading Cathleen Armstrong’s “One More Last Chance,” book number two in the “A Place to Call Home” series. This title was preceded by 2013’s “Welcome to Last Chance,” which I offered my thoughts about in an earlier post on this site. Access to this particular novel was granted to me free of charge by the “Revell Reads”  program. In exchange, I am to share my candid feedback with everyone looking at this.

Sarah Cooley came home from college after graduation to fulfill her lifelong dream and become a second grade teacher. After breaking up with a man who tried to change everything about her, the predictably of Last Chance, New Mexico, is just what she needs to settle her disquieted spirit. Everything is the same as it has always been, and that is just how she likes it. In walks Chris Reed, who has just purchased the Dip ‘n’ Dine. He has plans to put his new restaurant on the map, and the tired old fare everybody is used to won’t cut it anymore.  More than the menu is fixing to be altered, however. As Sarah begins to fall for Chris, she questions her judgment. Is he the man God has chosen for her? She’s not sure, especially when her ex boyfriend, Brandon, shows up, promising reform and begging for a an opportunity to finally makes things right. Join the group in this enchanting place as they navigate life in a location where the whole town is aware of events happening in your situation almost before you are. 

I enjoyed catching up with the inhabitants of this southwestern hamlet. It was almost like visiting old friends and meeting new ones as they came across the pages. During this journey. I found myself rooting for and agonizing with each of the characters as events unfolded. Nothing offensive exists within the prose, and I believe that it is appropriate for large meetings. Ages twelve years and beyond will get the most out of the Christian meaning in the tale. Once again, I suggest that those who appreciate Karen Kingsbury and Francine Rivers will welcome this new voice. My rating is a decisive five out of five stars. You will not regret spending time on this endeavor. Until we meet again…
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