Fatal Exchange

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I am a bit breathless as I settle in to write this post,  having just finished reading my second Lisa Harris novel in the last three days. I  was given “Fatal Exchange” as part of the “Revell Reads”  review program. This means I was given this title free of charge by the publisher in exchange for my honest assessment.

“Fatal Exchange” is the second volume in the “Southern Crimes” series, after 2013’s “Dangerous Passage,” which I critiqued in the last installment of this blog. When we first meet Emily Hunt, high school History teacher, she is determined to keep her career path, not to mention her love live, away from law enforcement, which is the chosen field of most of those in her immediate family. After breaking off her engagement to a cop, she is successful. Then, Rafael Cerda takes her entire classroom, including her niece, hostage at gunpoint,  and in walks the negotiating detective, the irresistible Mason Taylor. Suddenly, the educator is thrust into a role she never anticipated. Can she trust her brother’s former partner to keep her safe? Will they be able to work together to figure out what made the honor student snap in time to save lives? Is the electricity zinging between the two merely a byproduct of the harrowing situation, or is it part of God’s plan?

Having devoured the first story in two sittings, which probably would have only been one if life had not gotten in the way, I happily dove into the second, and, I am relieved to say that I was not at all disappointed. The plot kept my enthralled until the very last word. This book should go on the to be read pile of anyone who likes Terri Blackstock, Dee Henderson, or Irene Hannon. Harris knows how to throw in a twist in the action knows with the best of them, and the romance is sizzling yet chaste. This contains no objectionable content, and is suitable for everybody, but would most likely be understood by people twelve years and over. I guess this book could be read by itself, but to get the full picture, I recommend enjoying  “Dangerous Passage” before beginning this one. Like its predecessor,  “Fatal Exchange” is fiction that has strong roots in the teachings of Christ. Be prepared to devote a solid chunk of time to both pieces. As I said earlier, I concluded the whole series in three days. Even for me, I think that is pretty close to a record.  My rating is five out of five stars. A holiday weekend is just around the corner, so give yourself a treat, and snatch these up in your desired format. I am thrilled to announce that there is a third installment planned. My one regret is that it isn’t going to be released until January 2015,  but I hope that the wait will make the next visit with these characters that much sweeter. I excitedly await the opportunity to evaluate it when it finally does arrive. Until we meet again…
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3 responses to “Fatal Exchange

  1. Yeah! Love reading your review. So thrilled you are enjoying the series and appreciate so much your spreading the word. Happy reading!

  2. Wonderful review! I definitely will check out Lisa’s books. Wishing Lisa and Carolyn a blessed day!

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