Dangerous Passage

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I just completed an intense journey vicariously through Lisa Harris’ “Dangerous Passage” which is the first novel in the “Southern Crimes” series. This tale centers around detective Avery North. North is summoned to a murder scene in which she finds an Asian woman dumped in an alley. She wonders if there is connection to another recent homicide when she discovers an identical magnolia tattoo on this victim’s shoulder and notes that the previous Jane Doe was also of Vietnamese ancestry. Suspecting a serial killer, our female protagonist enlists the assistance of handsome medical examiner Jackson Bryant, along with the rest of her team at the Atlanta PD.  The crime that is untangled, however, is anything but what is expected. When the violence becomes personal, Avery begins to question if she can balance her deepening feelings for Jackson with her all ready hectic life. Can she be a protective mother and an excellent police officer, all while falling in love? Will she finally learn that God is always in control, even when it does not feel like it?

This page turner is a must for fans of Irene Hannon and Terri Blackstock. It deals with heart wrenching subject matter in a way that is suitable for general audiences, but is best grasped by preteens to adults. The plot pulls you in from the first sentence, and also contains important Christian truths. My rating is five out of five stars. I am glad I have the next installment loaded and ready to go on my Nook. Until we meet again…
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