Rules of Murder

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I just finished reading “Rules of Murder,” by Julianna Deering, which is a pen name for author DeAnna Julie Dodson. This is the first novel in what promises to be an intriguing new series.  Drew, who loves all things mysterious, is quite overwhelmed by the real life murders occurring on the grounds of his posh estate. He came home unexpectedly, and now the party guests he encountered are being killed off in rapid succession.  When he uncovers a connection between the homicides and underhanded financial affairs at his stepfather’s firm, the reluctant amateur detective concludes his only option is to unmask the culprit himself before someone else he holds dear becomes a victim, much to the discomfort of the local police.
With his best friend Nick and the stunning Madeline offering assistance, he sets out to find answers, not only about the case,  but also about himself. He finds the faith of his new girlfriend to be yet another puzzle. Can he learn to trust God the way she does? Will he be able to put together the clues before he becomes a target?
This story kept me enthralled until the very last word. Fans of classic tales of crime will not be disappointed. This yarn was advertised as “Downton Abbey meets Agatha Christie,” and it certainly fulfills that claim. My rating is five out of five stars. There is no objectionable content, so it is suitable for sharing with everyone,  but will most likely be embraced by people twelve and older. This is the first time I have read anything by this woman, but I am eagerly awaiting the next adventure. Until we meet again…
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  1. Sounds Awesome..Great Review.., I am intrigured

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