River Oaks Plantation

       Hey, Folks!
I just turned the last page of the latest Kindle offering of B. J.  Robinson, “River Oaks Plantation,” which was thoughtfully gifted to me by the creator of this work herself. In exchange, I will impart my honest viewpoint.
This one novel contains two parallel plots that take place in the same location, an antebellum mansion in Louisiana. The portion that takes place in modern times is set in 2005 during hurricane Katrina, where we meet Amaryllis Camilla O’Brien, who just inherited the house from her beloved grandmother, and finds herself fighting to save the dwelling that holds her most precious memories. Can she trust caretaker Noah to safeguard her property, her dogs, and her heart? Or will her dreams of a new life be washed away with everything else? In the midst of all this turmoil, despite the danger she is experiencing, Amaryllis finds a treasure hidden in her bedroom that captivates her mind. Mary Jane, her great grandmother, kept a diary detailing her daily existence as a young bride on the same grounds, beginning in 1856. It is clear that the way society has always been is coming to an end. How will she manage to hold everything together with the prospect of an unfathomable future looming? 
This is the first time I have encountered Ms. Robinson’s material. As a lover of history,  I am usually prepared to be disappointed in some way when dabbling in fiction based in different times, especially with the two dissimilar stories. Surprisingly, I was delighted with the way each part was constructed. They dovetailed nicely together, each reinforcing   themes of the other, and concretely showing God’s love and provision for His people throughout the centuries. I encourage you to share this book with large and varied groups of people, as everyone will get something out of it, but the target audience is individuals twelve and over. There are equal parts of romance and suspense with the added bonus of new prospective of an interesting period much discussed in America. My rating is a well deserved five out of five stars. There is one place with room for improvement,  however. I wanted to know what happened next with these characters. Is an upcoming sequel in store? I  hope so! This reviewer would gladly indulge in more of this world! Until we meet again…
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