Love at Any Cost

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We have definitely hit the time of year when I find myself wishing humans could take their cues from bears and sleep their way through all the frozen days and never ending nights. Unfortunately, we can’t, but I have solution, and it is easier on the bank account than a tropical getaway. I just finished reading Julie Lessman’s “Love at Any Cost,” which will transport you to San Francisco in 1902 in instant. This Christian romance novel, revolves around Cassie McClare, a cowgirl who comes out to California to visit her family, and shed the pain of the Texas-sized heartache she drags around with her. That is unlikely to happen, however, with the presence of Jamie McKenna, a man with with qualities that remind her of the handsome troublemaker she fled from at home. She has learned all to quickly that good looking men are not to be trusted, especially when they are looking for rich wives. Despite that knowledge, there is no denying the chemistry between them. No one knows Cassie’s fortune dried up right along with her Daddy’s oil wells. Can Jamie learn to trust God, who he believes turned His back on him long ago, to provide for his relatives? Or will Cassie find that yet another suitor has let her down?

“Love at Any Cost” is a wonderful beginning to the promising “Heart of San Francisco” series. It gives a dimension to the 1900s that I have yet to encounter elsewhere. The McClare’s are not your average upper class family of the time.  Cassie prefers blue jeans to ball gowns and can outmaneuver any man when it comes to roping and riding skills or games of pool. This story is chalk full of both the subtle biblical teachings and the pulse racing romantic scenes Julie Lessman fans treasure. Teens will enjoy this book and I think it is a good one for mothers and daughters to experience together as it brings up many thought provoking points of discussion without being preachy, earning my rating of five out of five stars. There is no objectionable material, but it does discuss some difficult subjects as the characters try to rid their area of prostitution and gambling. Until we meet again…
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