The Letters

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I just finished reading “The Letters” which is the first installment in the series “The Inn at Eagle Hill,” written by Suzanne Woods Fisher. The story focuses on Rose Schrock, an Amish widow determined not only to provide for her family, but also to repay the investors from her husband’s now bankrupt financial company. To accomplish these goals Rose decides to open a small lodge for English (non Amish) tourists in the basement of the farmhouse where she lives,  with the blessing and support of both the Bishop, and close friend, neighbor, and horse trainer Galen King. After spending time with the Bed-and-Breakfast owner, Mr. King realizes how lonely he is. Can he overcome his shyness long enough to express his true feelings? Will fears from Mrs. Shrock’s past overwhelm her present joy?
This is one of those books where I was torn: On one hand, I wanted to race to the final page to discover the outcome of the events, but on the other, I longed to savor the richness of the characters and slowly soak in the spiritual lessons they learned. I am gratified to discover that there will be at least two more additions to this group of novels. My rating is totally unrestrained five out of five stars. Feel free to use this for family togetherness time,  but teenagers and adults will benefit most from the wholesome content. 
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  1. Suzanne Woods Fisher

    Wow, Carolyn! I am so honored! Thank you for giving “Letters” such a strong review! Means more to me than you might think. So glad you felt connected to the characters. Grateful to you for reading my book and letting others know! Warmly, Suzanne

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