No One To Trust

Hi, Folks!
I am privileged to be a member of “Revell Reads,” a program that allows bloggers early access to titles through that publisher’s generosity. I get to enjoy books fee of charge, as long as I write down my candid thoughts and share them with anyone who wants to see them. Today I am reviewing “No One To Trust,” first in a trilogy by Lynette Eason, which is available at all major retailers now.
Summer Abernathy wakes up one morning to thugs pointing  guns at her head and  asking for things that hardly make any sense. Where is her husband, Kyle? He never returned from a business trip and now it is clear that he is far from the mild mannered computer programmer she thought she married twelve months ago. What should she do now? Can she rely on the US Marshals sent to protect her? How can she depend on her groom knowing that everything she learned about him, even his name, was fiction? Is the deep love he still professes to hold for her a lie? That will all get sorted out, but first they must escape from the Mafia men that are determined to prevent him from testifying against them. Can Kyle get the truth out before Summer and her loved ones are killed? If they survive, will Summer allow God to help her forgive the one thing she thought she would never recover from?
This novel is an action packed thrill ride, with the added benefit of subtle Biblical truth woven throughout the adventure. You will not want to stop until the last page is turned. It is appropriate for family entertainment, but those twelve and over will enjoy it the most. My rating is five out of five stars. I hope that I am given the opportunity to comment on the next volume in the series. This is the first time I have encountered Ms. Eason’s work, but I am confident that it will not be the last. Until we meet again…
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