Killing Cupid

Hey, Folks!
I spent my day absorbed in the world of Jaine Austen, Laura Levine’s somewhat eccentric writer turned amateur detective. Her latest adventure, in bookstores now, is entitled “Killing Cupid.” It was furnished to me by Kensington Publishing Corporation through, which is why you are reading this page. Regardless of the source of the novel, I will always tell it like it is.
Valentine’s Day is close at hand, and Ms. Austen agrees to take a job developing printed material for a singles service called Dates of Joy. Excitement abounds for the protagonist, until she meets her employer, Joy Amoroso, and discovers what the assignment is really about. This exacting business woman is expecting not only glowing prose for an advertising brochure, but also fictitious biographies to go along with the photos of the actors and models posing as participants on the company web site. At every turn  dissatisfied customers seem to be threatening fraudulent matchmaker, and Jaine  becomes further involved in the drama when she becomes a client. The suitor is not Prince Charming, but an obsessive septuagenarian who focuses his affection towards her cat. The action comes to a head when Joy is murdered by poisoned chocolate. Austen finds herself once again being thrown into the role of Sherlock. Can she sort through the list of suspects to unmask a killer? Will she be the who ends up behind bars… Or worse?
All in all, I perceived this installment to be much more enjoyable than “This Pen For Hire.”  It is suitable for teenagers, although there is still some suggestive language. My rating is five out of five stars. Go out and pick it up today! I look forward to escaping into other experiences with these characters. Until we meet again…  I wish you and yours a joyous and prosperous 2014!
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