A Christmas Hope

Hey, Folks! 
I love this gig! Today, I get to tell you about internationally known writer Anne Perry’s latest novel, a yuletide Victorian mystery entitled “A Christmas Hope,” which was once again granted to me by Ballantine Books through the website netgalley.com, at no cost, in exchange for this piece.
The intrigue in this story takes place at holiday party held at a proper English manor. Claudine Burroughs, desperate to escape the boring gossip, steps into the garden for a breath of fresh air, only to discover that she is embroiled in what will soon become a fight to save a man from the gallows. An argument deteriorates into fist fight, which leads to the murder of Winnie Briggs, a woman of questionable character. The three young men in attendance are quick to point a finger at the talented, but alcoholic Welsh poet, Dai Tregarron,  which sends him fleeing into hiding. Claudine can not tolerate injustice and sets out to find the truth, whatever the cost to her high society husband or others in their set, many of whom will stop at nothing to protect those they deem worthy. Can she put together this puzzle in time to prevent the ultimate tragedy while still keeping herself safe?
In the hustle and bustle of Christmas season, I encourage you to take care of yourself. This novella is a perfect opportunity for respite. Grab a cup of tea and allow your senses to be filled with the sights, sounds, and smells of an era long passed. My rating is a cheerful five stars out of five stars. This story will engage those twelve and older. I did not find much inappropriate content, but it is a murder mystery, so it does involve violence,  but not in a gruesome way. I highly recommend Ms. Perry’s work to those who enjoy classic whodunits. Until we meet again…
Wishing you and yours a joyous Christmas!
Happy reading,


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