A Mighty Fortress

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I am delighted to be part of first time author Faith Blum’s blog tour for her western themed novel, “A Mighty Fortress.” To learn more about the tour,  please click on this link: http://faithblum.wordpress.com/2013/12/02/introducing-my-first-blog-tour/ As is most often the case on this little piece of the Internet, the book in question was provided to yours truly without cost, this time by the writer herself. The only request she had was that I share my no holds barred ideas with everyone reading this essay.
This tale takes place in various places in the Old West, mostly in the 1860s and 1870s.  It features the eventually intersecting story lines of Jed Stuart and the Brookings family, mostly centered around brother and sister Joshua and Ruth. The central action begins with these young people taking a stagecoach journey to join their parents at their new homestead in Montana. They have just begun this arduous trek when the vehicle they are riding in is overwhelmed by robbers scheming to steal all the valuables on board. Thanks to God’s protection and through the young man’s excellent marksmanship skills, the two flee with their lives. The main villain left standing, later learned to be Jed, is determined to eliminate the witnesses. However, he is thwarted at every turn. Years later, they meet when Joshua is elected Sheriff of the small town his nemesis has selected to victimize. Can our youthful hero assist the hardened criminal in turning his life before it is too late? Will unconditional love and forgiveness point this angry man in the direction of true salvation through Jesus Christ? In short, this simple yet profound offering is magnificent. I would encourage its use for family reading time. Younger children might find some of  the violence disturbing , but I believe it is necessary to the plot and not at all graphic. Most of it will probably go over there heads.  Having raced through this book in one sitting, my rating is well deserved five out of five stars. I do hope the creator will forgive the tardiness of this posting, and allow me to join her on future outings of this sort. Until we meet again…
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