Morning Glory

Hey, Folks!
There are days when it is beyond cool to be a blogger. This is one of those days. Thanks to Penguin USA and their partnership with,I got the honor of an Advanced Reader’s Copy of Sarah Jio’s new novel, “Morning Glory.” All they asked in return was for me to share my unvarnished feelings with my loyal followers.
This book has all the elements that Ms.  Jio does best. Mystery, romance, and the tales of the past that just will not stay buried, intertwining themselves with events of the present. The author shares the story of Ada, who rents a floating home on a Lake Union dock known locally as “Boat Street.” This haunted woman comes to Seattle from New York in order to escape wounds created in her history. In doing so, she learns of a tragedy that occurred in the very oasis in which she currently resides.  Penny lived in the same houseboat that Ada is enjoying now, but she disappeared on a dark night in the 1950s, and if anyone knows what happened to her, they won’t say. Once Ada discovers a hidden cache of her predecessor’s treasures, however, she decides to let nothing stop her from uncovering the truth. Will the answers found in a not so distant time help her find love in the here and now? I am certain you will get lost in this absorbing narrative.  My rating is a passionate five out of five stars.  Be aware that there are some suggestive, but not overt,  love scenes. Until we meet again… 
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