Hi, Folks!
I just devoured the novel “Vanished,” by Irene Hannon, which is the first installment in the Private Justice series. This Christian romantic suspense tale revolves around Moira Harrison, an investigative reporter who, newly arrived in St Louis, finds herself driving alone on isolated country road during an intense thunderstorm. The bad conditions make it impossible for her to miss hitting the terrified young woman who jumps in front of her car, leaving both the vehicle and the protagonist banged up. Fortunately for Miss Harrison, a mysterious Good Samaritan shows up and promises to summon assistance for all involved. The driver passes out, and when she regains consciousness, both the victim and her would be rescuer have disappeared. This leads the EMTs and others who arrive on the scene to believe that her concussion has made her delusional. However, Moira’s instincts tell her differently, and she turns to P. I. Cal Burke and his Phoenix Agency colleagues for help.  Will they be able to keep her safe from the danger that seems to lurk all around? Can she trust this man with her heart? The answers will keep you turning pages until the wee hours of the morning. This is a family friendly book that most likely will resonate with people twelve and up. My rating is a thrilling five out of five stars. I caution you on one point, though. Before you begin this adventure make sure all your pressing tasks are complete. You will not want to stop until you reach the final word.  Enjoy! Until we meet again…
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