Fifteen Minutes

Hey, Folks!
I just concluded “Fifteen Minutes,” the outstanding new work of fiction written by Karen Kingsbury, which was released late last month. As is often the case with this blog, Howard Books graciously provided me with a copy through, which is why you all get to see this review. As always, honesty is my policy.
I was excited to add my two cents about this title because it combines two of my favorite things: faith in Jesus and country music. The story follows Zack Dylan as he tries to become famous while still bringing glory to God on a competition show along the same lines as American Idol. Mrs. Kingsbury is one of my all time favorite authors, due not only to her superior writing style, but also her ability to weave solid biblical truths subtly and seamlessly into incredibly entertaining fiction. When I turned the last page, I felt as if I were leaving behind dear friends, not just one dimensional characters in a book. For me,  that is the hallmark of a wonderful read. It is a joy to award this volume an exuberant five out of five stars! There is nothing undesirable contained within, but it is probably best appreciated by those who are age twelve and older. Go out and pick  one up as soon as possible! Until we meet again…
Happy Reading!



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  1. Gretchen whitney

    Fun to read your reviews Carolyn. Thanks!

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