The Truth About You

Hi, Folks!
First off, I want to acknowledge the day we are currently observing, by saying a heartfelt “Thank you,” to all of our military personnel, both past and present, and their families. Your sacrifice allows me to read what I please and then write about it without fear. I will never take that for granted!
Now, on to the business at hand.  The title I just finished, “The Truth About You,”  by Susan Lewis, published by Ballantine Books, is available at stores now. It was provided for me, through in exchange for this review, which contains my candid observations about the novel.
The story revolves around Lainey Hollingsworth, a woman who acts as  Public Relations Manager for her husband, an internationally known writer. The depth of the plot comes not from her outside work, but from her role as a wife, mother, daughter, and general anchor in a typical modern family. While she is content juggling the responsibilities created by caring for a father with Alzheimer’s, a rebellious teenage daughter, a stepson filled with resentment, and an active younger son, she still feels something missing. As a result, she decides to take the children with her on a month-long vacation to Italy, where she hopes to uncover not only the secrets in her recently deceased mother’s past, but also the identity of her biological father. The trip also proves to be an easy excuse for time away from her spouse, who she suspects is cheating. While I found most of this book to be engaging, I can only give it a rating of three out of five stars.  The reason for this low score is because the author spent a considerable amount of time on a subplot involving the aforementioned daughter, an older man, and “Fifty Shades of Gray,” which, frankly, left me nauseated. I only finished this volume because I wanted to see how the other threads of the action turned out. Those parts do have some redeeming value, but my final conclusion is this: I would not recommend this particular work. As a blogger, I have to call them as I see them. Until we meet again…
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  1. Kathy

    Wow! This is the lowest rating I’ve ever seen on one of your reviews. But, like you say you have to call ’em as you see ’em….

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