The Violets of March

Hey, folks!
I hope that this entry finds you all well. As I write this, it is a little after one AM. Despite the late hour, I can’t wait another minute to tell you about the outstanding book I just finished, “The Violets of March,” by local author Sarah Jio.
This novel has all the elements I expect from a compelling story. Frustrated best-selling writer Emily Wilson decides to escape from her painfully fresh divorce by vacationing at the home of her favorite aunt, Bee, a woman she hasn’t seen since childhood. While putting away her watch in a nightstand in the bedroom she is staying in, she discovers a long lost diary from 1943. As she slowly begins to heal and explore new relationships, the book draws her in. Emily must resolve the questions the journal brings up, as it unearths long buried family secrets. Ms. Jio skillfully intertwines history, mystery, forbidden love, and a modern romance in a way that I won’t soon forget. My rating is an enthusiastic five out of stars, despite suggestive, but not overly explicit, love scenes. I wholeheartedly anticipate enjoying this author’s next tale! Until we me meet again…
Happy Reading,



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2 responses to “The Violets of March

  1. Kathy

    Congrats, on your new blog site! Looks great. I look forward to reading many book reviews over the coming years.

    I just finished Louise Penny’s “How the Light Gets In”, its the latest in the Inspector Gamache series. True to form I didn’t read the earlier books in the series – guess that is something to look forward to. I highly recommend the one in the series I have read.

    Are you planning on limiting your blog to certain genre or is it wide open?


  2. Hi, Kathy!
    Thanks for stopping by! I have heard good things about Louise Penny, but I have not read her yet. However, I do have the first title of the series right here on my handy dandy Nook HD+, so I will get around to it eventually. In answer to your question, the blog is wide open. I am getting tons of free ebooks from netgalley. com in exchange for honest reviews. 🙂

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